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About Blinky & Friends 


The World of Blinky and Friends is an Early Childhood Education support tool that enhances the teaching of language development, math literacy, nutrition skills and health awareness; all through exciting music and movement activities! It is designed to meet the curriculum support needs of various child care environments and has been used in library pre-school programming, child care centers, child care ministries and Head Start Classrooms and even Home Based Child Care environments!

About Us...

The World of Blinky and Friends is the product of 10 years of hard work and dedication by Bryant Person (Founder of Trendy Productions, LLC) and award-winning illustrator Mark "Toonery" Smith. Bryant is the creator and storyteller of all Blinky adventures. Bryant partnered with Lorraine B. Edwards and The Zhana Corporation to bring this educational support tool to a global audience. Bryant's backstory can be found here.

Blinky Kids Club has a goal of supporting a million at-risk kids. We want to reach children of all races and cultures across the United States of America and around the globe.  

Watch sample videos to understand the focus, fun, and effectiveness of The World of Blinky and Friends early childhood development program.      

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In The


The World Of Blinky and Friends Comics

Learn the story of how Blinky was born and meet all of his friends.

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Blinky and Friends Coloring Activity Book 


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Blinky Kids Club launched in 2019. Join inaugural members Nova (2), Noah (4), Carter (9) and Zari (10) and introduce your child to The Wonderful World of Blinky and Friends.




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