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Benefits of Membership  

Research indicates that 90% of brain development occurs in the first 5 years of a child's life. Early childhood development will give your child a thirst for learning and a competitive edge over those without it.   


Any child can be registered by their parent or guardian to be a member of the Blinky Kids Club. For a small registration fee, members will receive a Digital Welcome Package from Blinky and will be automatically entered in a contest to be the next animated character in The World of Blinky and Friends comic book adventures... just like Nova, Noah, Carter and Zari.   

The first drawing was held  during a LIVE Blinky appearance at Beulah Grove Baptist Church. The winners are 5 year old twins Lashai & Eshai Madyson from Augusta, Georgia (USA).   

The World of Blinky and Friends is committed to the continued development of useful methods geared to entertaining kids and making learning more fun. Our club focuses on music and movement activities to promote and enhance:





Blinky DJJody DJToby.jpg

This Could Be a Photo of Your Child!


     Congratulations to Blinky's friend Noah from South Carolina.

Look for Noah, Lashai and Eshai in The World of Blinky and Friends next comic book adventures!

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